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Duplicate a Mac OS X Terminal window with Ruby and Appscript

Even though OS X's Terminal now supports multiple tabs, I still find myself using lots of separate windows so I can see everything at once. A common pain point was opening a second Terminal window and changing to the current working directory (I do this a lot from the root of Rails apps: one window for running the server, and one for git and other work).

I've since written a little Ruby script that essentially duplicates the current Terminal window. Save the following as dup and put it somewhere on your path:

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# Duplicates a terminal window, optionally running the passed command
# % dup (creates new window)
# % dup command arg1 arg 2 (new window, plus runs passed command)

require 'rubygems'
require 'appscript'

include Appscript

def quote(command)

path = ENV['PWD']
terminal = app('Terminal')
coords =
dimensions =

command = "cd \"#{quote(path)}\" && clear"
command << " && #{quote(ARGV.join(' '))}" unless ARGV.empty?

terminal.do_script(command)[dimensions[0], dimensions[1]])[coords[0] + dimensions[0] + 10, coords[1]])

Appscript is required, but it is only a sudo gem install rb-appscript away. The script will pass and arguments passed to it to the new terminal window. One common use for me is dup script/server.