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Tweaking Ruby Enterprise Edition's garbage collection settings to speed up tests

I've been looking at ways to get the test suite for a project I'm working on running faster, and I came across slides from a presentation that present several ways to speed up tests. In particular, there are some environment variables that you can use to control the behavior of REE's garbage collector. I've found that using the values suggested in the slides decreases my test run times by 20-30%:

export RUBY_HEAP_MIN_SLOTS=1000000
export RUBY_HEAP_FREE_MIN=500000
export RUBY_GC_MALLOC_LIMIT=1000000000

I saved this script to my path, and when I want run Ruby with these settings, I prepend the command I'm running with 'rmem'. Or, as suggested by the slides, you can add the settings to your profile. Be careful, as they cause Ruby processes to use significantly more memory.